2 gays and a Muslim...

Not really queer news or desi news, but something in between- The US soap, As the World Turns has an interesting storyline. A Muslim from Iraq, Ameera, has been introduced into the lives of gay couple Duke and Noah. So I kinda get what the writers are trying to do: show that 1) gay people and Muslims can be friends and 2) all Muslims aren’t against homosexuality. Knowing that many will tune in to see how Ameera is represented in the soap, I wonder how the surprise of her friendship with Duke and Noah will sit with Muslim viewers, both gay and straight. No matter what individual opinions are, I think that we will all agree that some of the trio's interactions are SOOO AWKWARD!

And if you are really intrigued, you can watch the whole story of how they met.


Kamdizzle said...

who is the actress playing Ameera?

Queer Desi said...

her name is Tala Ashe and I believe this is her first role..